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1 Year
4 Kinds of the weather forecast
12 Participants
22 NGO’S
28 Destinations
34 Flights
44 Traditional dances
52 Languages
4 380 Flight Hours
13 140 Meals
64 650,2 Km
87 600 Photos
11921837 Smiles
1 Mission

1 Mission. To bring the world a bit closer together.

12 Participants from opposite parts of the globe will embark on an adventure through 28 destinations, for a whole year and share, with a worldwide, audience their experiences in social and environmental work, by interacting with local NGO’S.

Through their unique insight, they will appeal the new generation to create and foster a conscious community that wants to experience new things and have a positive impact on the world.

WLE will work in partnership with institutions, brands, and organizations that will give local support to the participants.


How does World Life Experience work?

World life experience will send 12 people from various parts of the globe on a journey to 25 countries on an immersive experience to collaborate with local social action organizations and discover different ways of life. Throughout their travels, they will share the insights they gain from their experience on social media. WLE will cover all expenses, and participants will receive 24/7 support, lodging and food, as well as a salary.


This multicultural group with their multiplicity of skills and diverse perspectives will spend 10 days in each of the 28 cities working 4 to 5 days within a local organization and 5 to 6 days on cultural, entertainment, and local activities. The participants will work as a group yet the insights they share will be personal.


We are funded through an Application Fee, Partnerships and Sponsors. The Application Fee of 9€ and is only paid once. Precisely 2.5€ of this amount is donated directly to one of the NGOs associated with World Life Experience.

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