Travel, Discover, Help and Share with the world.

Would you like to travel the world and get paid for it?

World Life Experience takes 11 people around the world for 1 year: travelling, discovering, interacting and working with local people and organizations. With all expenses covered and a salary on top.

Registration phase open until July 20th
The experience starts January 15th

1 Year, 5 continents, 20 Destinations, 11 People…
World Life Experience seeks candidates, from all countries, to a 1 year journey around the World. Get to know different societies and cultures, while you do volunteer work in local non-governmental organizations of different countries.

Best job of the World | 2.500€ monthly wage
Each participant will receive a monthly payment, by World Life Experience, who will also cover all expenses of the World trip.

All expenses paid to interact with people from other places in the World
Become aware of the social, environmental and cultural diversity that exists in the World with all expenses covered… travel, lodging, food, local experiences, insurances and basic healthcare.

Do a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience
1 year of cultural, entertainment and social action activities!
All activities and experiences as a group are done as a group, and shared with a personal insights.

- Supporting NGOs
- Local projects
- Volunteer work

Cultural experiences
- Markets and museums
- Monuments and historical places
- World attractions

Tourism and leisure
- Lifestyle
- Local and niche activities
- Nightlife

World Life Experience goals
Promote social responsibility, through hand-on involvement with local organizations.
Contribute with your donation to global NGOs!
Add awareness for the World´s social and cultural diversity!!!!

Would you like to to be part of this experience?

Apply now for the 2nd edition and embark on the global journey that has local impact.

Registration phase open until July 20th
The experience starts January 15th

Follow the experience of our first lucky travellers.


  • Florencia

    “The opportunity to discover the world, know people and their cultures, and inspire others showing that the little actions make the difference.”

  • Hugo

    "For me World Life Experience is share, learn, teach, travel, discover, give and receive an impact, be close, be far, emphasize, miss, gain... In one single project.”

  • Gemma

    "It's the opportunity to experiment the essence of the human life in one year."

  • Miguel

    “We go around the world discovering new people, listening to their stories, learning with their experiences and sharing our own.”

  • América

    “For me, World Life Experience is the opportunity not only to discover the world and it's diversity, but also to discover yourself and to expand your limits; to make the most of your abilities.”

  • Rodrigo

    “World life experience is a life changing program to me, it has been the best opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of volunteering work all around the world.“

  • Freddy

    “World Life Experience is a chance to learn new realities, try new paths and do something meaningful.”

  • Carla

    “WLE changed completely the way I look at the world today. I learnt that when we give ourselves to others we are the biggest receiver overall.”

  • Katia

    “Discovering the world in all its diversity and complexity and trying to make a positive impact through my work.”

  • Angie

    “World life experience is a socio-cultural oriented organization that promotes hope, equality, respect and love.”

  • Artem

    “WLE for me is a door; I have the opportunity not just to take a look at the diversity of the world, but also to enter and be part of it contributing, learning and inspiring others.”

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