António Dias, the founder of World Life Experience, is an entrepreneur who wants to make a positive contribution to society.

“I firmly believe that today's younger generations care deeply about sustainability and the welfare of this planet and its peoples. So, I have set up the WLE Event with the aim of sending representative groups around the world to spread their enthusiasm and to work with other cultures and societies to create a more responsible global community that cares about everyone's well-being."


António Coelho Dias

António Coelho Dias

Dream Alchemist Visionary

Antonio is an entrepreneur inspired by human beings and their unlimited potential. He studied architecture in Lisbon but it was his entrepreneurship that motivated him to create his own projects. His biggest challenge is developing synergies that allow for closer cooperation between individuals, companies and humanitarian organizations.

António Coelho Dias

Filipa Dias

Accounting Ninja Guide

Filipa is a math enthusiast, she has always been comfortable around numbers and equations. Very practical and rational, she likes to solve problems but prefers chocolate cakes. Filipa is a kind of fairy godmother to all, because she takes care of the whole team and helps them overcome obstacles. Besides that, only a person with a good and pure heart could treat an animal with so much love as Caco would confirm if he could talk.

António Coelho Dias

Danielle Alves

Dani is our funny partner from Brazil, an architect with experience in Project Management, she came to bring us some of her experience to elaborate the project steps. Vegetarian and protective of animals, she believes that the world will only change when each individual be aware that each one depends on the other and that we are all part of a great living organism called Planet Earth.

António Coelho Dias

Mafalda Nobre

Wizard of Light Bulb Moments

Mafalda lives in Lisbon (Portugal) where she graduated in Marketing and advertisement at IADE – Creative University. Withcreativity being an everpresent tool in her life, she founded her own jewellery brandin 2015. Her life-long dream to travel was the reason that led her tolive six months in South America, where she developed her taste for communication.

António Coelho Dias

Maria João Ferreira

Digital Dynamo

Maria is an enthusiastic marketer with 6+ years of Marketing, Publicity and PR studies. Driven by media innovation and pure digital curiosity, she loves to be immersed in vanguard environments that constantly challenge her. Some of her professional strengths include high creativity levels and an irreverent spirit.

António Coelho Dias

Sara Almeida

Direct Mail Demi-God

A travel lover who happens to be a recent marketing and advertising graduate. She's trying to create her own path, while looking for new approaches and techniques about marketing and communication.

António Coelho Dias

Daniela Domingos

Little Princess Of Communication

Daniela is in charge of the Communications team. She is calm, patient and creative. ADIY lover, Vegetarian and Video enthusiast, she lives in Lisbon and deals with a lot of travellers, making her a pro in knowing a lot about cultural differences. She does a lot of singing in the office, to keep the team motivated, although she doesn’t sing very well.

António Coelho Dias

João Henriques

Computer Samurai

João is afraid of bugs, but handles the computers like no one else. Despite being shy, he comes to the rescue when we are in trouble, and he is very patient with the ladies on the team. Wine and cheese lover, calm, funny and sharp, he is the "hard drive" of World Life Experience, and our Computer knight in shining armour.


  • Carolina Mack Alonso
  • Maikon Bruno
  • Isabel Cristina Borsoi
  • Laura Mack
  • Mariana Piller
  • Martina Vitali
  • Carolina Mack Alonso

    Carolina Mack Alonso

    Proud Costarican and joyful person, 21-year-old Carolina consider herself a citizen of the world. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, nature activities, volunteering, traveling and learning music. Last but not least, food is one of her passions.
  • Maikon Bruno

    Maikon is a passionate person. For life, for his family and friends, for places and their history and people stories. Traveling is its passion and inspiration and when he´s not traveling he reads about it. For Maikon, studying is no longer something that needs to be finished, it has become a goal to always start again. Speaking languages is no longer a professional need but a personal dream. Becoming more human is now a rule. Sales manager, advertising professional, teacher and marketing and Media coordinator, this 33 years old Brazilian aims to be a better person every day.
  • Isabel Cristina Borsoi

    Isabel Cristina Borsoi

    Born in Brazil, Isabel Cristina Borsoi is a kindergarten teacher, translator and loves to travel, meet new friends and guide them in her city, São Paulo. She lived in Madrid, Spain, and is passionate about latin culture. She loves cinema, theater, beach, animals, kids and good restaurants. She thinks life is about experiences, so let´s try a new different thing every new day!
  • Laura Mack

    Laura Mack

    Born and raised in Guatemala, Laura is a 22-year old senior in college majoring in Graphic Design and Communications. Her Chinese heritage, combined with traditions of the Latino country that she was born in, has made her very interested in other cultures and their life perspective. In addition of being a foodie and art lover, Laura is a creative mind with passion in volunteering and is always up to new experiences.
  • Mariana Piller

    Mariana Piller

    27-year-old, born and raised in amazing Rio de Janeiro, Mariana loves to travel and discover new places through local´s point of view. She founds a real pleasure to receive the WLE 12 travelers and give them a real experience.
  • Martina Vitali

    Martina Vitali

    Martina is from Italy, but lives in Barcelona over more than 3 years. Works as a Web Writer and translator. She collaborates as a traveler blogger and works as a tourist guide as well. She is in love with Barcelona as much as she loves traveling and discovering new places and countries. She would like to always have flight tickets on her hands and a camera in the other, which she considers her best friend while travelling.

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