Promote connection of people to themselves, to their peers and to the planet

“By 2013 we were a group of university students that decided to take the knowledge we had about sustainability to the reality surrounding us. We still remember our first visit to Serviluz(a peripheric neighbourhood at Fortaleza with low Human Development Index). We arrived there thinking we could change that small fisherman village, but little did we know we were the ones who were about to get changed forever.” explains Beatriz Azevêdo de Araújo, founder of the Association.

VerdeLuz´s work emerged from the necessity to put into practice the concept of sustainability balancing social, economic and environmental factors. Then, the association specialized in bringing environmental education to socially vulnerable communities, once it believes “Education is the basis of our construction. People's active participation in collective affairs is necessary to change our reality. Thus, our projects are focused on environmental education and political participation as tools of social change.” 

Having a big impact on various projects connected to environmental education in Portuguese and English, VerdeLuz counted with the help of more than 200 volunteers in four years. Currently, there are 50 young people fully committed to the organization, experiencing changes in their ways of thinking and acting.  “

A true volunteer is always seeking to know himself better and to get in touch with his purpose, which must be in line with the purpose of Verdeluz. And our purpose is to promote the connection of people to themselves, to their peers and to the planet.”

At the moment, Verdeluz biggest challenge is to capture resources to keep their project running, grow and expand their impact.

World Life Experience mission is in line with that of Verdeluz since they also aim to change people's lives. “We want people to know each other better, to connect with other realities and to know this beautiful planet that is our home. Traveling promotes all this: self-knowledge, connection with other cultures and with the environment. In this way, we believe that we are all seeking a better world and working in different ways to achieve it.”

People can help VerdeLuz, by accompanying and publicizing their work as well as making donations (be it time, materials or money).


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