“The bad weather pursuits us. Today was a contrast day; from the best to the worse feelings in just some hours.

We woke up at 6 am to catch the bus to go to Plitvice natural Park and see it's - now kind of frozen - lakes. The bust left us 3 km away from the entrance of the park, and even though it was -10 degrees, we were all pretty positive about it and walked until we found the entrance, not without getting lost a couple of times before.

The walk in the park was beautiful, and we even forgot about the cold during part of it... We even dared to play in the snow in the freezing weather most of us had experienced. The view was indescribable, I'm sure pictures can't make a fair image what we really saw. The mountains with pines trees full of snow, the frozen trees in the paths creating for us a beautiful ceiling, the accumulated snow in the bridges and everywhere we looked, the ducks resting in the ice of the semi-frozen lake and then going in the water... it was absolutely breathtakingly.

I was already wet and feeling the cold again by the time we finished visiting the lakes, so we went for lunch to the only hotel that was open in the area, as most tourists go in other seasons, and not in winter. 

After lunch and warming up, we went to the bus stop. After two hours of waiting for the bus, signing, exercising, hugging and dancing in the meantime some of us had to go back to the hotel because we couldn't stand the cold. Finally, the bus came and we got to Zagreb more than two hours later than expected.

Finally, we went to dinner to Njummy, where we had a delicious chicken pasta.”

By América


“All the pictures that I saw in my entire life about Plitvice were really beautiful, but to see this park totally frozen and with 0 tourist is the best image that I ever saw about this park.

It's true that it was hard and really cold walking in the snow, especially wait 3 hours in a bus stop till it was night because it was 3 meters of snow in the road that the bus was taking. Our feet were frozen, and it was -14 degrees, even the man who was passing with a truck cleaning the road was worried about us. XoXa, a south Korean we met, decided to stay with us waiting all this time also, despite the hard conditions, but everybody knows that this is World Life Experience and today, definitely, will be one of this experience that we will tell to our friends the rest of our life.”

By Hugo


“In spite of the fact that I’m from Ukraine, I haven’t seen such a marvellous winter since my childhood. We had unforgettable time walking through the snowy park. Breathtakingly views mixed with the magical beauty of the weather.”

By Artem


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


Tags: Croatia

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