Today was our day to say goodbye. Some of the young members of the organization came to say goodbye at the bus station and we felt so loved and appreciated.”

By Arianny


“We need to pack again... It's okay, we managed to arrive at the bus station on time...actually, nobody realized that our bus was at 15h30, and everybody was really convinced that it would leave at 14h, so we arrived at the bus station at 13h... The lucky 11 became in the Silly 11... It's okay.”

By Hugo


“I have to admit that this experience contrasted sharply with the previous destinations. A young and lively community, whose members are ambitious and motivated as well. Warm-hearted staff treated us with hospitality and affection. Tina, Yakov, Tom, Klara, and Antonia wanted to stay with us as long as possible. Dario was generous and kind. I was impressed by his positive attitude towards life and work issues as well. They made a solid effort to make us comfortable. Thank you guys!”

By Artem


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.

Tags: Croatia

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