Members of the Association of regional tourist guides of Slovenia- ARGOS- are licensed tourist guides who live in Slovenia. They offer visitors an authentic experience of the region they are visiting. As locals, they are ambassadors of the area and will take good care of you!

Today, Mateja Grablovic took the 11 travellers on a tour around Ljubilina. Mateja started work as a tourist guide 30 years ago. Pleased to present the beauties of that part of Europe, as a local guide she makes the perfect plan for everybody´s stay and does her best to make you feel welcome and comfortable. The way locals do!

Learn more about ARGOS on their website and Facebook page, and book a tour with Mateja for a memorable experience  

“Today was such a special day, we had the best tour so far, in my opinion. Our guide was called Mateja, she gave us a great experience and a very good overview of the city. The guide had such good English and a complete understanding of the city, museums, history, and everything she showed us. We started by walking around the small fishermen’s village, just around the hostel where we are staying, then we headed to the central square, went underground to visit a model of the city. Back on the city tour, we reached Republic Square, where she told us a little bit about former times in Slovenia. After that, we went to a super interesting museum - the National Museum of Slovenia, where we could learn a little bit more about Slovenia and the ethnical groups that form the region.When we left the museum we had the opportunity to experience a food tour that included two different restaurants; at the first we had some appetisers and wine, and at the second one we had some Slovenian food with sausages and beer. It felt great to taste the best food of Slovenia and get to know about the whole history of the place, the people, and their culture. It was a rich and unbelievable experience for the group. “

By Rodrigo


“In spite of the fact that I’m from Ukraine, I haven’t seen such a marvellous winter since my childhood. We had unforgettable time walking through the snowy park. Breathtakingly views mixed with the magical beauty of the weather.”

By Artem


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.



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