Metelkova, known as an underground neighborhood is illegally occupied but not lawless. It is a true “capital of culture”.

“In the afternoon we met Marko Hren to guide us to Metelkova, a space created to combat the oppression of war in the 90s; they win the battle using art as the most powerful weapon.

By Gemma


“We meet Samar, the wife of Robert, the people in charge of the NGO. I guess that for the first time on our travels, we arrived early for a meeting. But, unfortunately, Samar arrived late. hehe :). Not a problem. We met with Marko Hren a bit later. He was showing us the amazing space of Metlekova, a wonderful place for artists and a cultural space in Ljubljana. Marko explained the history of Metlekova, and slowly yet inevitably, the story of Metlekova became connected with his own.

I discovered in Marko one of these people one can read a lot about in Wikipedia and in books. He (and many others) started a peaceful movement in Slovenia to win independence. This led to the referendum in 1991, when more than the 90% of the population voted "yes" to independence from former Yugoslavia. The rest is history. The Yugoslavian army entered Slovenia and so began the 14 day war, by the end of  which Slovenia won independence. Marko and his political party, however, persisted  with the peaceful strategy they were developing. He even left the country for Austria, promising that he wouldn't come back till peace was completely restored in Slovenia, which put a lot of pressure on  the negotiations.

Definitely, for me, this day was like a big history lesson learnt at the side of an amazing and really  interactive person.”

By Hugo


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.



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