Ljubljanski grad / Ljubljana Castle joined World Life Experience and offered the lucky travellers an exciting adventure. While playing an “Escape room” game, they got to learn the history of the city in a playful way and had really great fun. 

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“Today we had a very interesting experience. After having lunch in a restaurant near the hostel we headed to the castle of Ljubljana. We took the funicular to the top of the castle. It was a fast ride, less than one minute. Only when we got there, did we realize that we were going to have a special experience; the tour of the castle included an escape game, and the most incredible thing is that the “escape room” was the whole castle. We were divided into three groups, two groups of four and one group of three. I teamed up with Miguel, Hugo, and Gemma. We worked very well together and helped each other to solve the puzzles. There was one puzzle, related to the windows inside the tower castle, that was very hard for us, it took us at least twenty minutes, but we finally solved it. After that, we finished all the puzzles and made it to the end, where we joined the first team and waited for the third. We had a lot of fun on that afternoon and enjoyed the great view of the city from the castle. It showed us the beautiful city of Ljubljana from a different angle. It was definitely worth it. “

By Rodrigo


“What a fun way to start our day.We split into 3 teams to play "Save the dragon". The winner would be the first team to free the dragon. My team was named Libertad, in honor of our favorite girl at the Foundation in Granada. The members of the group were Miguel, Hugo, Rodrigo and me. We are almost sure we won but the "Awesome team" said they won. Anyway, the only thing 100% sure was that the  "funky ladies" team were the losers.

After the game, we had time to spend in the castle.

Around 8 pm we had our first dinner challenge, this time Jan was the one chosen to have dinner with us. He is from Poland, but he is working in Ljubljana as a scientist.

I love him, he was so interested in the project and in all of us. After dinner, he stayed with us and showed us the best pubs in the city. What a perfect night!!”

By Gemma


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.



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