DAY 55 (15.03.2018) - Hard work, lifetime reward

“Today I wake up really conscious with finish the door that Miguel and I started yesterday. It's nice to see the result of all your work... We need to take out the paint with a machine of warm and later we need to sand the door... Probably tomorrow we will paint it blue!

Later I was with Angie, Flor and Gema to an old castle in ruins, the castle was okay, but the time with the girls was even better! :D”

By Hugo


“Today we kept on working hard. We had to finish the work that we started too days ago, so we fixed windows, we worked in the garden and we cleaned it.

After a gnocchi lunch, we were ready to go to the castle where we had super views and a beautiful sunset.

When we arrived, Jameson was waiting us with warm soup and we finished the day with Hugo playing the ukulele.”

By Florencia


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


Tags: Prague

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