DAY 60 (22.03.2018) - “Another day, another city, another NGO”

Egyesek Youth Association is by far MY FAVORITE NGO!! Today, we had the opportunity to plan activities for kids aged 9-12 and we got the chance to carry out the activities with the group. The ladies from the organization are really nice, they have everything organized and in the morning,  they gave a presentation to tell us about the organization.

In the afternoon, we went to the school to spend time with the kids and they were all really interested to know about us. The language barrier was a little difficult; however; Vera, Ana and Mesha are there to support us whenever we need it.

By Arianny


The first morning in the new country - one I’ve never been  - and a new NGO. Here we will work with kids in different schools. So, women  from the NGO started by introducing  themselves and the NGO and gave us our agenda for the next 5 days. Meals here have been amazing, so I’m totally satisfied; it meets my food requirements absolutely. We prepared lots of games and entertainments for the pupils, who stayed after their lessons to play with us. It was a delight for me to play with the kids, who were initially shy but then, after a while, totally open. Parents came to check how we were playing with their kids and even the teachers were interested. Today I remembered all the games that I have ever known. To be honest, I couldn’t be more happy that I’m here dedicating my time to such important activities. Collaboration with kids was one of the most anticipated activities in the WLE trip. Hopefully tomorrow, we will be able to cope with our anxiety to do well and organize everything even more properly than today.

By Artem


Another day, another city, another NGO. 

I looked at my team and everyone has a smile on their faces. I am happy too. We all had a good night’s sleep and we are all very happy with the place we are staying at. Everything is very clean, well-organized and the food so far is delicious. No reason to complain at all! On top of that, the weather outside looked amazing. Finally, we could see the sun! 

We are all very excited and ready for another experience.

Our working day started with a small presentation about the NGO and the project they’ve designed for us. Since the NGO works with kids we prepared some games to play with them and elaborated different ways to interact with them. The plan was to visit one school in the village and spend time with the local kids.  

The experience was amazing!! The kids were very kind and they accepted us really well. The connection between us all was very visible from the beginning. They liked us, and we liked them, and the whole process was very natural. At the end, it was hard to say goodbye, but it was worth it to see a smile on their faces. A day to remember.

By Carla


9 years ago I visited the city of Budapest - now, 9 years later, when anybody asks I will continue to say that it is one of my favourite cities in the world, but it's true that I wasn’t able to visit other parts of Hungary. However, with World Life Experience we always have the opportunity for visit other places that are far removed from the tourist stereotypes that I really love to avoid.

In this case, we are in the north of the country, really close to the border with Slovakia, and we will have the chance to work with kids from these small communities and bring them the diversity that World Life Experience represents.

By Hugo


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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