DAY 62 (24.03.2018) - Fund Raising Video day

Work day came, we got stuck in and started to record some videos to help the NGO to promote their work and fund raise. 

At the beginning of the day, after brainstorming, we soon had an idea which we thought was going to have a good impact on society.

They want to buy a building that costs €20,000 to create another space for the people they work with. With people’s charity, another youth center could be a  be possibility,  and many changes can be made to help those who need.

By Florencia


Everything was dedicated to just one significant objective - creating video content to raise money for the NGO - Egyesek. To help raise an important donation, as well as doing volunteer work, is the WLE mission, so we were entirely committed to this today. I liked the way we all reacted to their request to attract attention to the their current problems and needs as well. We set to it right away with excitement and dedication to create the best content we could.  The first step was to design the style of the video and write the script for it.  Then, Freddy filmed our parts of the text translated into different languages; this took  a long time, so we finished late. I’m really proud of us as a team and, personally, of myself today. I tried to fulfil my potential to the max.

By Artem


Today there is no school and it’s winter weather (despite the sun), which means that the kids are neither in school nor need the youth centre.. But Anna, Masha and Vera, in accord with the good organization they showed us on previous days, found an interesting activity for us,  which could also potentiate our creativity. They asked us for help.

This word, help, is a wonderful word but really difficult to say... That's why I really appreciate  it when someone says it. The help that they want is for us to promote their project, which is to find donations to buy another youth centre...

Despite just one day that only myself, Masha and Vera spent in the village (recording material), I will never forget our team work, and the process of creation. I will always keep in mind how good it is when someone who knows much more than you about many things in life asks for help... Many more people should learn about that.

By Hugo


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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