DAY 63 (25.03.2018) - The video is ready!

Vera was very happy with our work, so she asked if we wanted just to have a chill day. Except for Freddy and Hugo who’d been editing the video, there was not much for us to work on. So, we just relaxed at home. Myself, Gemma, America and Flor went for a walk and met some volunteers from the youth center and we told them all about the World Life Experience project.

By Miguel


Today we had a great day because we worked as a team to finish the video and promote the idea for the organization. We are leaving behind a beautiful message that is going to be used in the future and for the future of the kids. I feel so proud to be part of this team.

By Arianny


Vera and Masha told us that we’d done a very good our job and that, basically, everything was finished ahead of schedule. Apart from the two videos that Freddy and I were doing... So basically, I went for a walk alone and decided to climb a mountain (actually, more of a hill) and, at one moment, alone at the top, I realised how much I was really enjoying the thing that we are doing...

Later, I come back to the house and I finished the video, but before that I played the ukulele with one of the youngsters who’d come to visit us. “Can you play and sing something in Spanish for me?" she asked me. Of course, I did, and I chose the song Tierra, by the Galician singer Xoel López, which she really liked. 

"This is the real cultural exchange" Vera said as she left smiling and with a couple more  songs in her repertoire

By Hugo


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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