DAY 70 (03.04.2018) - Let’s help the Romani community!

This morning we had the chance to visit the local association of entrepreneurial education, mainly for the Romani people, that is financed by European Union funds. One of the current projects presented to us is a 9-month Social Entrepreneurship course for around 300 people. At the end of the course, all participants are expected to present business plans for their startups. The organization selects the lucky 55 participants with the best ideas and the most attractive business plans to receive financial support in the amount of 33,000 Euros to set up their startups.

Additionally, they receive regular consultations from the mentors during the following 18 months. In my opinion, projects like this are the best way to encourage proactive youth with entrepreneurial spirit to act and not be afraid of taking risks. Later, we had a hands-on experience passing out flyers at the local market. As the target audience, we considered young people from 18 to 40 years old. Surprisingly, people were pretty interested, so we’d finished giving out all the flyers in 20 minutes.

By Artem


It's a pleasure wake up and walk a couple of meters and be in the city center! 

We were all walking to a meeting point with Ricardo and Silvia and, as well, with the other volunteers, Elvira and Elena, from Granada and Cordoba. It had been really nice to stay in Granada and Cordoba during our time with FES, because it meant we had many things to talk about. Also we spent time with Bojan and Mehmet, from Macedonia and Turkey, which was also nice because we shared many things and also asked a lot...

We went to work with an association that endeavours to integrate the Romani community in business life,  (because this region in Romania has the highest number of Romani in Romania, and sometimes their lives are spent quite apart ) so we were helping them by handing out flyers to people in the street - the flyers explain the offer of financial aid to create their own business... I really appreciated seeing how attentively people read what was written on the flyer...

After this morning, we are finally making the most of our garden and the wonderful weather, and after 3 months, we had our first barbecue!!!

By Hugo


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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