DAY 71 (04.04.2018) - "Let's preserve their innocence and make it last forever."

This morning getting up was quite hard for all of us because of yesterday’s barbecue party that finished late. The April sun here is incredibly hot even at 9 o’clock and we were supposed to work the entire day painting the kindergarten playground. We were painting different games on the ground to turn the place into something colourful. I found the neighbourhood it was located in rather funny, with the prison and watch towers surrounding the kindergarten, but I suppose that at least the kids are safe there. For me, this day was special because I got to know two adorable kids and played different games with them during the day, like hide and seek, etc. They even showed me the WLE home-baked cake, that the NGO representative had prepared before their official presentation. By the way, the cake was delicious, probably because of the great amount of chocolate inside it. No one has done anything like this for us before, that’s why it was a double pleasure. The two kids, Maria and Mijail, gave me a warm goodbye hug and seemed a bit upset about our departure; that kept me inspired till the end of the day.

Hopefully, when the pupils come back from the Easter holiday, they will find the changes and be filled with happiness.

In the evening, we ate a lot of meat in a local restaurant, which was kind of our farewell dinner.

By Artem


Today was a very special day for me. Back home, I work with kids with special needs and lately I have missed my kids. Today we got to paint games onto the playground of a kindergarten . The kids were not there to play that day, but it's really nice to leave something behind where they can play and for them to enjoy in the future. 

The school is located next to a jail, which is why we decided to paint games on the floor so they can focus on the games and be kids instead of listening to the fights or looking at the guards next door. Let's preserve their innocence and make it last forever.

By Arianny


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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