DAY 79 (14.04.2018) - Ethno Village for the day!

Today we took a bus to go to the Republic of Srpska, where we visited a village created for a millionaire from this area. He wanted to make a kind of monument about the country and his feelings. The place has become a really important place in the area and even though I cannot share their feelings, just to see how Vlado and Milos were reacting in front of this was more than enough to feel a bit the same... Ah! And at the end, by chance, we even met the owner/creator of the village! Such a character! Hahaha. "Put the girls close to me for the picture!" was the only sentence that I heard from him.

By Hugo


In the morning our group had some more free time to get our luggage ready. I went to buy a new suitcase because I could no longer bear to carry around an old one without any wheels. In the store, I found myself a pretty good one for a reasonable price, so excitedly I ran to get ready for the trip to Ethno Village. The place is very well organized with interesting architecture and a big lake in the middle. Blooming flowers and blossoming trees added more beauty to this place. After the walk through the Ethno Village, and a snack we went back to Brćko to check in at the last new hotel in this Republic. On the way, our bus driver and the hosts were fined for their unfastened seat belts. Eventually, we got to a smoky place and had a delicious traditional meat dish. I’ve been wondering the whole time about the local habit of smoking everywhere in public places, even the receptionist in the hotel welcomed us with a cigarette on the go. Not accidentally, Bosnia and Herzegovina is considered the nation with the most smokers. That is the reason why I will always associate our tenth destination with the smell of the smoke. But of course, it’s nothing really - the most important thing in this country is its people, and people here are invaluable. 

By Artem


Today we went to an Ethno Village, where most of the country's monuments have been recreated. We spent all day there and had a nice walk round. It was pretty, but it all seemed a bit artificial.

In any case, it all seemed like something out of a fairy tale; beautiful famous bridges recreations, like the one of Mostar, of churches and monuments. Lakes in the middle with swans and ducks, and a train that took you around the village. 

By America


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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