DAY 80 (15.04.2018) - Traveling is our way of life

10 years after I first arrived in Sarajevo!!! I don't know if the city has changed a lot or  whether I have (which for sure I have) but maybe both of us did...

The Franz Ferdinand Hostel, in the heart of the city, allows us to go back and forth in a really easy and nice walk to the old Town and the wonderful bazaar... Also, it’s a pleasure to be here with Milos, in the city where he was born but was forced to leave because of the war...

The Nakro association welcomed us in an excellent way; it’s not just its mission with the kids in Sarajevo that is important, but also the number of young people who were there. They are really interested in the things that we are doing with World Life Experience, despite the fact that what they are already doing is so amazing.

By Hugo


We arrived to Sarajevo, after a long time on the bus. Then we went to get know Narko NGO. We had a kind of a meeting with the young volunteers. Actually, it has been one of the most interesting and, at the same time, most impressive NGOs so far. Its volunteers make the difference preventing drug addiction among young people and work with kids suffering from a lack of education as well as even the most basic things. Mostly these youngsters don’t have parents or were abandoned by them.

By Artem


Traveling is our way of life. Today we arrived in Sarajevo and we are staying in the hostel Franz Ferdinand. When we arrived, the lady at the front desk was helpful and kindly sought the best accommodation for us. The rooms are clean, spacious and very comfortable. After checking in, we visited the Narko organization. Narko is an NGO that focuses on drug prevention among the youth community. They have different programs to help children in distress, in orphanages and abused children. 

By Arianny


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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