Day 82 (19.04.2018) - OFF to Macedonia!

“We left Sarajevo around noon and took the flight with a quick lay over in Istanbul to reach Skopje, our last European destination.

At the airport we could count on the services of Zip Transfer to takes us to the hostel.

For dinner we had the chance to eat local food in Baba Cana, a very good restaurant near the hostel.”

By Freddy


“Today after the long trip to Croatia and Montenegro with some of my teammates, we left Sarajevo to head to our eleventh destination - Macedonia. In these last two days, I’ve had culture shock from visiting all the beautiful places with the rich cultural heritage there. Finally, I can understand why millions of people visit Dubrovnik every year and admire the landscape of Montenegro. We’ve had an unforgettable time, it’s so nice to be able to travel even on our free days. I really love what I’m doing in this project and we are all committed to traveling. 

In Skopje, there was a pleasant surprise waiting for us at the airport - a new means of transportation. This time we were treated like royalty and transferred directly to the hostel. Additionally, all the luggage units were put in the trunk by ZIP Transfer drivers. The usual exhausting trip to our  new home turned into a comfortable 20-minute drive in a chauffeured  car, and the driver gave us a lot of valuable advice during the drive to the hostel. So we’ll see what  activities and experiences await us in sunny Macedonia. “

By Artem


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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