Day 83 (20.04.2018) - Let's get to work!

“In the morning, we left the hostel to find our target - Public Room. Public Room NGO is a creative space, kind of like HUB which we experienced in Lisbon. There most recent venture involves activities for kids, but they provide space for everyone, and opened an eco restaurant. There, we met Vesela who will arrange everything for us  - from national food cooking day to movie day. Today, we tasted Netherlands’ cuisine and spent the whole day hanging out in the  public room.”

By Artem


“I came here less than one year ago, to this place that will, in fact, be the last destination in the whole trip with WLE that I have already visited before; the rest will all be new for me... It's incredible how my life has changed in just one year...

Well, skopje is the same as one year ago, it’s just that I didn't meet Melvisa or go to the Public Room... Everybody is so crazy and so funny, hehe. We went to a kind of festival about legalised marijuana, and just a few people were smoking it... What kind of manifestation is this? Hehehe

Apparently, I am to cook Galician Octopus, let's see.”

By Hugo


“Time to meet new people, time to get involved in another NGO. Today, we met Vesela, our coordinator for the next 8 days. She told us the schedule and then we had free time, which is why went to the center. Skopje is a wired city, full of statues, bridges, and decoration.

In the evening, we went to a park because of a Weed concert, we chilled out.”

By Florencia


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


Tags: Macedonia

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