Day 84 (21.04.2018) - Cooking day!

“Today, for the first time we performed the official culinary part of our experience. Hugo, America, Flor presented their favorite dishes from their national cuisines. The kitchen outdoors was at our disposal for the second part of the day. Hugo cooked Galician Octopus, which attracted the public’s attention. America was in charge of baking a delicious Nutella-Banana cake from her own recipe. Florencia created irresistible Milanesa. So we arranged the tasting space and the chefs answered questions about the food and the cooking process. For dessert, we had America’s cake, which proved very difficult to wait for -it was delicious, but unsuitable for the Thailand operation. “

By Artem


“An easy day, 11am in the Public center, my octopus is ready and I will cook at 17h after Freddy and I finish a couple of videos for WLE.

In the meantime, I’m taking cooking lessons with many others from a professional chef, whom I meet later in the kitchen when Im checking my octopus "Ah! You will cook the octopus? I WANT TO SEE THAT"

And he did (a lot of pressure cooking in front of a professional chef), as did many others... I was cooking Galician Octopus outside, with Florencia (But she was cooking Argentina Milanesa)

There were a lot of people asking a lot of questions about this way of preparing octopus, and about Galicia, about me, about WLE... A total and full cultural exchange!! 

And the octopus was really good (so they said ;P)”

By Hugo


“We had a very relaxing morning and some of us had the opportunity to see the city centre.

It is very unusual. They mix contemporary statues with neo-classical ones, as they have an obsession with Alexander the Great (or Alexander of Macedonia). The city centre is thus very kitsch. They seem to have very nice bars, terraces and stores anyway.

In the afternoon, we cooked for the Public Room. Hugo cooked Galician octopus and Flor cooked Argentinian milanesa. Angie and America prepared a Nutella banana cake.

There was even a chef from the Netherlands trying their food. It was a huge success!

We went for a walk in the centre at night. The statue of Alexander has led lights and fountains on at night. We went to the bazaar and finally, we stayed for a drink in a terrace by the river.”

By Miguel


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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