DAY 86 (23.04.2018) - Around Skope!

“Our first touring day in Skopje was gratifying for many reasons: the weather was perfect, clear blue sky, almost thirty degrees Celsius, a beautiful city, hundreds or thousands of statues all around the place, churches, mosques, bridges, nice buildings, a lot of green all around and, in the background, huge mountains covered in snow. The perfect scenario for a touring day. We visited the old bazaar area, the fortress and had lunch. We ate delicious traditional food, it is fascinating how rich the food in Macedonia is. Later, we took a short walk in the local park, sat down, gathered around and played with the local dogs. It was a day of touring and chilling - something the whole group needed and it was pleasant to enjoy all together. “

By Rodrigo


“Another sunny day in Skopje. Actually, it was a very hot day and we had a tour in the city Centre. Skopje city centre is not so big so it is very easy to walk around. Despite the size, the city is very charming and quite singular when it comes to the number of statues you can find everywhere. And when I say everywhere, believe me I mean it. It is possible to find statues even in the river. Very impressive!! Some statues are gorgeous, others not so much but still they make this city unique and I like them for that. We also visited the old Bazar and the Ford. All was done in less than two hours.

In the afternoon, we had lunch and then we went to relax in the park. Good times!”

By Carla


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


Tags: Macedonia

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