DAY 87 (24.04.2018) - Canyon Matka day!!

“This morning, we intended to visit Matka canyon. Considering that yesterday some of us wanted to see the cross placed high up on the top of the mountain, I suggested a hiking tour instead of taking taxis. Despite being around 20 km away, plus a couple of hours climbing to reach the cross, most of us decided to accept this challenge. The hardest part was getting to the cross. A magnificent view rewarded us for our efforts. Over the next 4 hours we were walking among the spectacular hills and across aromatic meadows. Suddenly, we came across the skinniest dog I’ve ever seen, it might have been starving for a long time. I assume that it had got lost and was waiting faithfully for its owners. The warm-hearted girls gave it all the food that we had. Eventually, the dog followed us all the way to the canyon. At some point, we noticed that the dog wasn’t strong enough to keep going. We carried it the rest of the way. That wasn’t easy, especially going down along Path of Death, which Hugo chose for us as a shortcut.  Most of us regularly stumbled, and our knees were hurting a lot from carrying our extra burden. When, exhausted, we finally did reach the canyon, we found out that we  were locked within the small piece of land. There were 3 options: to go back up and take another trail, to swim across the lake and ask others to rescue us, or to scream and hope the rest of the team hear us. So eventually, a boat gave us a lift to the opposite side of the shore. Later we went on a kayak tour. Some of the team decided to take a boat rather than kayaks. Me and America, Hugo and Flor, Miguel and Gemma chose the teams. For the next couple of hours, we managed to enjoy our surroundings from the water: visiting caves and even swimming in the freezing water. Everything we have done today brought me an abundance of positive emotions and inspired me to travel more and more. Even the dog found a new owner, so our efforts weren’t in vain.”

By Artem


“The Canyon Matka day!!

Today we divided the group into two to go to the Matka Canyon. The less adventurous ones took a taxi and the veeeery adventurous ones decided to do a 5-hour hike.  We, the less adventurous ones reached the Canyon after half an hours drive. My goodness, what a beautiful place! The view was breathtaking and for minutes it felt like being in another World. The feeling of being surrounded by nature while appreciating the sun’s reflection in the water and drinking a cold drink, next to my team made me realize how lucky I was to be there and to be in the WLE. 

In the meantime, remember those veeeery adventurous ones?? They were still on their way. Instead of 5 hours, their hike took 6 hours and obviously when they finally got there they were very exhausted and hungry. Luckily, we had food for them so they ate and then we took a boat to visit the cave. Once again, the veeery adventurous ones decided that the boat would have been too easy for them so they decided that kayaking would definitely be a better idea, so that’s what they did.

At the end everybody was happy and enjoyed the day very much. What an adventure!”

By Carla


“In almost 4 months, we have had good days, bad days, and beautiful days, but today was perfect! .

I felt so many different emotions - I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I felt tired, I felt alive, I felt connected.

We started very early in the morning to go to Matka, at the beginning we we're going to go by taxi but some of us decided to hike and climb instead.

The route was long, we’d have to climb for 2 hours and then walk for 3 hours more... But we wanted to do something different so we decided to go.

We climbed up to the cross where we stopped and after half an hour we started to walk again.

Everything was perfect till a dog came up to Gemma and me and started crying, she had a collar so we supposed that she had an owner, but she was lost. Not only lost, but also tiny, weak, so hungry and so thirsty.

We had some water, which we gave to her and we gave her the last food that we had. 

She was desperate, and so tired, but even like that she started to follow us. We walked together for a couple of hours but when we started to go down, she couldn’t manage. I looked at her, and I knew that I couldn't leave her there, she would die without food and water in the middle of nowhere. 

A thousand things went through my mind, and finally I decided to carry her till we reached somewhere  we could safely  leave her.

Gemma, Artem, Hugo and I managed to carry her to the town.

She was really tiny, that's why Hugo named her "la flaca".

Then I started to wonder what we should do with her, we were leaving in two days, what could we do?! 

Finally we arrived at the canyon, I talked to the man who was offering boat trips and he decided to take care of her.s

I hope that she finds someone that gives her the love that she need and more.

The day finished kayaking on an incredible lake and visiting a cave. Then we came back to the hostel but with our hearts full of love.”

By Florencia


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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