DAY 88 (25.04.2018) - Last day in Macedonia!

“The morning started really calm... Miguel and I went to the bus station to check tickets to go to Greece, so it all seemed straightforward, but everything changed when Miguel said, 'do you want to go through the gipsy neighborhood!?' I said yes, and at the beginning of this, one old man, with a really tired face, was selling fruit in the street... The look in his deep blue eyes reflected years on the street, selling the same oranges for very little... I nodded a greeting... He deserved respect... But two teenage girls didn't think the same way, and just as we were passing him they stole his wallet and started running... The old man could do nothing, he tried to move, but his years on the street weighed him down... He could only look on as the girls ran off with hours, and probably days, of his poor salary.... So, without thinking twice, I started running after them. “I'll stay and take care of him" Miguel said; we were working together, unconsciously, like Batman and Robin. When the girls saw me chasing them, they dropped the wallet and the coins onto the floor, but that was not enough. This man deserved respect, so I ran till I caught up with them and I forced them to pick up the wallet, put the money back inside and give it back to him... We couldn't communicate with each other, but the look on his face conveyed much more than any single 'thank you’ I've ever had.”

By Hugo


“Our day started late, we had time to relax, then, we had lunch with Vesela.

At night we went to the Public Room and again the WLE team made a difference. We presented some short videos about our countries to the local people and they loved everything they saw and all together we enjoyed the night right up to the end.”

By Carla


“On our last day of work in Skopje, we agreed to organise a movie night: short movies from our countries to present our various cultures.

We met at lunch time in the Public Room, but in the end, we just ate there, since the movies would be only at night.

When the time came, sadly there weren't many people to see the movies since it hadn’t been very well advertised by anyone.”

By Freddy


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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