Day 89 (01.05.2018) - Asia is a whole different world!

“On our last free days, the girls and I traveled to Ohrid and then into Greece and had an unforgettable time together.

Time to leave Macedonia. This day was notable for being the last day of the WLE European voyage. Almost 4 months of adventures and explorations are behind of me. Eleven destinations, ten fascinating countries and plenty of activities. Hundreds of new acquaintances, many of them are going to be my friends even after the last minute of the project. Although I have been living in Europe my whole life, this experience has shown me the wide range of diversity there is from one country to another. I’m happy that our journey has embraced a lot of lesser trodden paths, like in the Balkan countries for instance and the Eastern European countries. 

I have to say that my travel experience to Asia so far has been a trip to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, hence my excitement to explore oriental culture more fully. The flight from Skopje was pretty long, but the bright side for all of us was that there were free seats so we could sleep horizontally across several.  Already at the airport, I faced visa issues, that was definitely not the best experience in my life. When we finally left the airport, I felt the crucial difference between two continents and was very much aware of being in Asia. The first price negotiations started off with hiring a cab to Bangkok. I am very bad at bargaining, so probably my expenses here are going to be what they usually are in Europe. Early on, we’d decided we’d spend our free time on Kho Phangan island.  I was in a good mood, but completely exhausted heading to paradise with my WLE family. “

By Artem


“The 1st of May has always been a special day for me, because it’s the first day of the month of my birthday, and ever since doing my Erasmus, my friends and I have celebrated this day a lot. And now, it’s also because today is the day when  the real adventure of WLE starts for me with very new countries...

I wake up as we are landing Bangkok... I don't know what time it is or whether my body needs to sleep, eat, party or work... Everything is cold, really cold, but it’s  just because of the AC. Once we leave the airport and reach the street, the heat and humidity are overwhelming...

We start in good "Asian style" with the taxi driver, who won't give us a price for the journey... “It's already started..." Miguel says, because he was in Thailand last year and knows that this happens all the time..

Finally we arrive at the hostel and I fell asleep, I couldn't help it... When I wake up there is only Carla, Miguel and me in the room and we decide to go for a walk... In Bangkok everything is like an overdose to the senses: the sounds, the smell, the views, even my skin is feeling different things because this weather is affecting it in a way that’s new to me... I'm in shock, in a really good sense... I cannot avoid looking at everybody and everything like a kid...

We don't have much time there, because we need to go to the airport again, but this time the destination is Shurat Thani, in the south of the country, there we will take a boat and we will go to Koh PhanGan to spend our free  time.”

By Hugo


“Traveling day my friends! With regard to travel, we have been having intense days. We are moving all the time and sometimes it is exhausting.

The hours are changing all the time, I'm not able to work out whether it is morning, afternoon or evening.

We left Macedonia at midday and we arrive in Bangkok at 7 in the morning. The jet lag is having fun with us, but even like that, I went with Gema and Freddy to visit the city.

We went to temples, we walked around, we visited China Town, we took a boat, and we had a great phad Thai in 4 hours. 

Then we went to the airport, we arrived at Surah Thani, then we took a taxi and finally at midnight we arrived at a place close to the port, because tomorrow we are going to Koh Phangan 

I don't know yet how we will manage that, maybe the reason why we are part of world life experience is because we love travelling.”

By Florencia


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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