Day 90 (02.05.2018) - Koh Panghan let’s get the party started!!

“First day in paradise!!! We arrived at the island after 2 hours on the ferry. The breeze of the ocean, the sun, the salty smell and beautiful landscape full of blue and green provided the perfect setting for our days off.

We stayed in Bungalows right in front of the beach !! I had pad Thai for lunch and dinner! And at night we went to a beach party where we got to have cocktails in beach buckets ! It was so much fun!”

By Arianny


“Two flights in on day, was really tedious, but after spending the night in Donsak we took the ferry in the morning. It was amazing see the sunrise on the South Sea... But just Artem, Freddy, Miguel and I did, because we took the ferry to Koh Panghan at 6am, while the girls took the one at 8am...

When we arrived on the island we had the wonderful idea of renting a motorbike each, for 4 Euros per day, it was really good because in the end the girls could ride pillion to all the things that we did.

Almost as soon as we arrived at the hostel, in the middle of the jungle by the sea, all of us, were swimming, talking and laughing a lot. Then, we decided to take a walk to Haas Rin, the city close to the hostel and where a FullMoon Party is held. When  we got back, we stopped at a hostel and all of us went swimming in the swimming pool and had drinks while looking at the sunset... It was, by far, one of the best moments that I have had with WLE.”

By Hugo



“The most longed for day arrived!! We don't care if we are tired, if we haven't slept well in the last 3 days, we don't care about anything because this day has arrived!

It’s time to take a boat and go to Koh phangan, where we will spend 2 nights! 

We booked a great resort, with a private beach, and delicious food, of course we stayed on the beach and finally we went to a swimming pool to see the sunset! Everything was perfect.

At night, we went to a party on the beach too, In two days it is America's birthday and the celebrations have already started!”

By Florencia


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


Tags: Thailand

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