Day 92 (04.05.2018) - Bangkok is so overwhelming!

“We leave the island... But we decide to pay a bit more for a speed boat and like that we get to enjoy it all for a bit longer.

Miguel, Artem, Freddy and I gave back the motorbikes and later I  somehow got lost, but 2 hours later I found them all again in the boat...

The trip was long and warm, and once again to the airport... Then we arrived back in Bangkok!!

I'm completely in love with this city, it is a total overdose of everything, and I love it. After the dinner challenge we went to the most famous street in Bangkok and it was totally full of people, partying, selling food, offering Ping-pong show... Ping-pong what? Yes, yes... We know what it is, so, as you only live  once and using our favorite phrase these days: "world life experience!" We all decided to go to the ping-pong show in Bangkok, ending like that the most amazing free time we’ve had so far since we began travelling together; we did most of the  many activities all together.”

By Hugo


“Time to get back to Bangkok, and to be ready to work. 

We left the island and we went to the airport again! We arrived in Bangkok and we had a great dinner because of America's birthday! Then, we went to the most famous street in Bangkok, the Khao San road, where everyone is too much! 

Too many people drinking, dancing, selling insects, offering offering offering. It is the most touristic street in Bangkok and I'm so grateful that we came.

Then we went to a ping pong show, that was the wildest thing ever.”

By Florencia


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


Tags: Thailand

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