Day 95 (07.05.2018) - Let’s get our hands dirty!

“We started with the practical aspect, which is what I really prefer. They taught us about how to make charcoal in two different ways. Charcoal is a very good nutrient for the plants, a soil improver.

In the afternoon we had the theory class.

After that I went to the outside gym to practice yoga with Freddy and Hugo. I liked it.

While I was washing my clothes by hand a snail touched my feet. Mm, the things that happen when you live in the jungle. My favourite animal is the gecko, it's a big lizard able to eat all the mosquitoes in a room.”

By Gema


“Finally hands on! Even if it is in the shit (literally) Today we are learning how to make compost, which is perfect for me, because in the garden that I have in Galicia it is the skill I’m missing... So, let's work with caca! 

We were collecting cut corn and preparing our compost with a mixture of soil and goats’ poo, we’re also burning plants ready to mix everything tomorrow...

The theorical class in the afternoon is teaching about the things of tomorrow, in this case, compost.

The food is better every day and the yoga classes are helping me a lot!

I love this open shower, I took a wonderful shower looking the stars.”

By Hugo


“Today was a great day. We learnt a lot!

After a good and healthy breakfast full of organic food we started our day. 

In the morning we learnt how to make bio char and a charcoal that later will be added to the compost for the plants to help them grow. While in the morning we did practical things, in the afternoon was more theoretical and we learnt more about permaculture. What an interesting subject. I am loving everything here, except the mosquitos!!”

By Carla


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


Tags: Thailand

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