From Europe to Asia, the WLE crew are living the dream

“Our last days in Europe were free and so we were able to travel around different destinations with our partners! Now we are ready to start a new and much wanted adventure! Visiting Asia is a dream come true for most of us!

The sentences below express our enthusiasm and excitement!”


“For me Europe and Asia are about contrasts. Europe was all new to me; it was freezing but a great time for the group where we really got to know each other and bond. Asia seems very intense; from the weather, to the smells, to the people... A whole new experience.”



“Living in Europe for three months felt like a dream come true. Now I am ready to experience Asia on a whole new level!”



“I have been traveling for the last 3 months through diverse and charming Europe, now I’m thrilled to explore genuine life in oriental Asia.”



“Leaving Europe felt like leaving home and the cold behind to meet the unknown and experience a whole new world in Asia. A world full of new cultures, new flavours, new sounds, new smells and new adventures. I couldn’t be more excited!”



“Europe and Asia - two worlds apart, each with its own special appeal. Two contrasting worlds. We got a taste of Europe, but our journey wouldn't be complete without experiencing the richness of Asia.”



“The most interesting part of traveling is to live in different cultures, we had great time in Europe, but now is time to change, to discover, to share... Welcome Asia, I'm ready!”



“After exploring Europe for 4 months, I feel that entering in Asia is going deeper into our mission of getting to know the world.”



“Asia,for me, means eternal summer, adventure, exotic places, fun. I feel the exciting part of our trip is just about to start."



“Arriving in Asia is, for me, a shock in the most positive way, all my senses here are active every single second. New smells, thousands  of sounds at the same time, colours and qualities of light... It's really amazing!"

"Till now I was travelling in "my home", even sometimes visiting places that I had visited a couple of months ago, but from now everything will be new for me, and this is a good challenge also!"



“We’ve finally arrived in south east Asia! Most people here don't speak English, we can't even read the local alphabets and we need to negotiate every price... A new adventure has started!

After a very cold winter in Europe, we now have tropical weather. Every day we experience two different seasons: extremely humid and hot outdoors and excessively cold  air conditioning inside!”



“We are finally here, and it feels so good! Thank you WLE for providing us this amazing journey!

Now it’s time to get energy for the upcoming days! Koh Panghan let’s get the party started!”


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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