Day 98 (10.05.2018) - Every day we get new insights on Permaculture!

“We were putting all the compost we’d made onto the plants. Actually, for me this compost stuff is really interesting, because it’s the main thing I lack information about in my own garden. On the first day,  Bo said an important sentence 'the soil is like the pasta in a Lasagna, if it's really good it’s what will make all the difference in a really good lasagna"

When we finished, Gema and I decided to take Tim’s motorbike. It was amazing, because I really love motorbikes and this landscape is awesome. We went through many villages and all the locals were curious to see us,  they smiled and waved hi. Definitely, I will try to do this everyday.”

By Hugo


“Another day in the jungle, connecting with the nature. Today we had 2 classes and then I started my master plan. We have to plan a project where we can apply what we have learnt on the course, and then, at the end, we have to give a presentation. I feel nervous when I think about that, but I understand that it’s a challenge for all of us.

After dinner Lin taught us how to make tofu and soy milk!”

By Florencia


“After the theory class, Bo’s three kids went to bathe in the pond. Being the curious person I am, I went to have a look, to my surprise one of them grabbed my hand intending to pull me into the reddish-brown water, full of clay. I saw their smiling faces, so I couldn't resist jumping into the water. They are very friendly and in 2 seconds they were playing with me as if I were another kid, I loved the moment. After that, we had to record a promotional video with our WLE t-shirts, my t- shirt was brown.

After dinner Lin taught us how to make tofu, I found it very useful.”

By Gema


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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