Day 99 (11.05.2018) - Let’s practice all the theory we’ve learned!

“Once again we woke up early and after breakfast we followed Beau* to the garden to turn the compost we’d made a couple of days earlier. Although technically you don't have to do virtually anything to your pile of compost for it to be ready, Beau taught us the recipe for making it in 18 days (much faster than normal), which requires turning the compost every other day.

We used an older one that was ready in the garden. We also used the compost tea Beau had taught us the day before, which is a liquid compost that provides all the minerals the plants need.

Again, in the afternoon we went to the class for the theoretical part of the course.”

By Freddy


“This morning, we worked really hard spreading the compost prepared earlier over the garden. The heat today wasn’t so devastating, so I felt very energetic the whole day. The fascinating topic in class today was climate, which kept me awake. Life at this place is brilliant and I’m seriously considering the idea of starting my own permaculture farm in the future, or at least to implement some of the basic tenets.

I really appreciate the opportunity to attend this permaculture course in the middle of Thailand. Gradually, I have realized my place in this world and my relationship with nature. “

By Artem


“Today we woke up early to start practical classes at 8 am as usual. We used the compost tea that we made the previous day as a fertilizer and watered the vegetable garden with it. After that, we helped in the garden, taking out weeds and then had some free time. I came across Ghan Ghan, the two year old son of one of the farm workers, and I played with him for a while. He is completely wild and hyperactive, and I chased him and played with him until I completely ran out of breath.

In the break, I got work on my permaculture master plan and then in the afternoon we had the theory class about different kinds of soils and climates.

At night, we had, as usual, a delicious Thai dinner. All the insects came out, but the geckos and toads came to our rescue to eat them all. We ended the night with a cold refreshing beer.”

By America


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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