Day 100 (12.05.2018) - Today we learned how to make soap!!

“Today we started our day learning how to make soap with Linn!  This was my first time learning how to make it and I really enjoyed being part of the process.

I was also part of the cooking team and I learned how to make pumpkin cake!

After lunch, we started our class learning about water in our farm. To be honest, I am trying my best to learn as much as I can about permaculture, but sometimes I still get confused with some information. It’s a good thing Hugo is in the group to help a little bit!

Before dinner, I helped prepare the salad and learned the recipe for a new dressing that was really delicious! And at night we were able to watch the movie “Wanderlust” and have a different type of night in the jungle!”

By Arianny


“We learned how to make ecological soap!!! It's something that I’ve really wanted to know for years, because the sink of my great grandfather’s house drains directly into my garden, which is really good for the plants, but not if you use regular soap... The problem is that if you try to buy the ecological one it is extremely expensive, and now I can produce my own!!! :)

The afternoon was free so we could keep working on our master plan for our permaculture garden, but as I’d finished, I decided to take the motorbike and get a bit lost in the villages around. It's awesome to see how the people live here; so completely different from in Europe, and with a totally different style of houses. Not many foreigners walk around here, so everybody was really curious to meet me, talk with me or just say hi.”

By Hugo


“It's another sunny day in the jungle. All the birds are already singing, the snakes are hidden, the mosquitoes are starting to bite, and 100s of frogs are there probably waiting for the rain.

Slowly I get up and I leave my bed and the net that protects me from all the insects. I can't imagine staying these days without the net.

I eat mango and banana, the perfect breakfast for this weather, and when I finish the class is just going to start.”

By Gema


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


Tags: Thailand

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