DAY 14 (23.01.18) - VOLUNTEER WORK DAY

“Today was our first day in the foundation, they gave us different tasks, but I decided to do permaculture, because is one of my passions and because I got the opportunity to work with James, Ernest and Sam, three boys from Gambia who were forced to leave their country because they were defending the ecological agriculture instead of the chemical explorations that give a lot of money. I was learning a lot from them, but also, they were really interested about the agriculture that I practice in Galicia. Many things in common with all of them, we went to play a football game later with the boys of the foundation. The day finish learning flamenco from a Japanese teacher who later teach us how to prepare sushi.”

By Hugo

“Today we split into groups and worked on different tasks.
Carla and myself worked in the kitchen from 9 am to 2 pm. We helped to prepare lunch, wash the dishes, clean the kitchen. Happy, the kitchen’s manager, is a cheerful and hard-working person and is a pleasure to work with. We even had a few minutes for a dance break!
In the evening we had a flamenco class. Our teacher was Miyake, a Japanese lady who has been living in Spain for a long time. 1-hour class was our introduction to this passionate dance. We learned some moves and, hopefully, will get a chance to show them in the future.
Later, Miyake invited us to her place and we were learning to cook sushi. Miyake is not only a great teacher but is also a generous host. Thank you for your time and lessons, Miyake!”

By Ekaterina


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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