DAY 16 (25.01.18) - VOLUNTEER WORK DAY

“Good morning in FES. Cold as usual but the community is ready to start and win another day. Me and Florencia we went to the kindergarten and we had around 7 kids to look after. We played with them, we fed them, we put them to sleep and we felt amazed by them. Children are definitely the best thing in the world. What a pleasure spending a day with them”.

By Carla


“Today I teamed up with Freddy and Miguel to help Ali, from Sahara, cleaning up all the rubble that has accumulated in the community, as their planning to make a new common room in that space. Ali is a total joker and a lovely person; he invited us to drink typical tea to his house and to some roscón de reyes.
We worked super hard to get all the rubbish into the available container, which we managed to fill in. It was a super hard and physical work, but it was worth it. We advanced a lot and I was absolutely happy to have helped as much as possible, giving all of myself to the community”.

By America


“Today was a normal day in the association, the important thing was go to watch La Heine, a film that I already watched but now, living in this community makes more sense... The society create the classes and the stigmas and everybody give wich receive... Hate create hate... Basically Ignacio is changing this stigmas with organization, where EVERYBODY, is the same class: a human been”.

By Hugo


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


Tags: Granada

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