The main purpose of Walk in Granada is to provide tourist services. They believe that tourism should be done responsibly and sustainably. “Our project is based in the profound respect and care that we feel for the place in which we operate.” – Walk in Granada.

They provide local, historical and cultural tours, gastronomic itineraries, and even flamenco shows. The services have a special touch the personalization. They work with each group as if it were unique, thus making the experience much more enriching.

They offer different daily itineraries known as free tours. Each person, depending on their satisfaction or economy, decides when they want or can contribute.

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“Our first day in Granada, after 5 days just watching this wonderful city from the top of Sierra Elvira, was an exciting experience. All of us really wanted to "meet Granada", we were like kids that go to the playground after hours of classes. Didn't matter the complicates street of Granada, up, down, up again... We forgot everything when we saw the Alhambra, on the top of a hill after a narrow street "don't stop here. It will be much better later" told us Borja, our guide who was living for several years in the caves of Sacromonte, an amazing architectural idea which allow people from Granada to dig into the hill and built their houses inside "just the ventilation is a problem", Borja said, "wake up every morning really fresh and see in front of me the Alhambra, it's something that you cannot buy with money". We went till the top of Sacromonte seeing how different are the old caves comparing with the news, and learning that now it’s not allow anymore to dig and make your cave. We arrive 50 years late.”

By Hugo


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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