“We have a lot ahead of us today and I have no clue what we are starting with. The day started with a morning bike ride to the place where monkeys are living outside and aren’t afraid of the cold. Afterwards, we visited the local market. Amsterdam is well known as the bike capital, that means we are going to use mostly bikes, next week. A first long-distance trip to the village, where NGO members are building a cooperative community took around 30 minutes. My way was a bit harder because of Carla, who sat behind me. You’re always welcome Carla, it’s your birthday. I was impressed by the accuracy they’ve built it with and all the details. We helped them with different kinds of work for a few hours. They seemed happy. In the evening we had a delightful dinner with Inspiratie Inc. staff and people who are involved in some way or another. After dinner, we spent a lot of time playing football, making music and singing.”

By Artem


“We helped with different tasks; I was with Freddy and Rodrigo chopping wood for the oven.

After a quick lunch, we started with the volunteering, some preparing dinner, some helping prepare Carla's birthday party and some different tasks. I helped to prepare dinner by cutting vegetables and doing the dishes.

After a delicious dinner, we sang happy birthday to Carla for her birthday and went on playing games with all the kids.“

By America


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.




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