“on our first actual work day in Inspiratie Inc., we were divided into groups, each with different tasks. Hugo, Miguel and I were in charge of the construction of an "insect hotel". Due to the fact that the whole land area used to be sea, the ground is too poor to have successful plantations, so people have to enrich the soil in a variety of ways, one of them being the insect hotel.

Other tasks included organizing a container full of kitchen supplies, putting bricks in place in order to make two lanes, painting signs for the garden and paving the way for permaculture.

The weather, which we are beginning to get used to, didn't help. At times it rained, sometimes with hail stones, but that always cleared very quickly; only the cold remained all day.”

By Freddy


“At the end of the work period, came Sara, a very intelligent and lively 8-year-old girl that we’d met the first day. She was the brightest part of the day.

After that, we went home and helped with dinner and the dishes.”

By America


“During the whole day, we worked inside Kariboo. They are building and decorating the gardens around the place. All the group helped with building and decorating an insect hotel to make the soil better, and we also built a small vegetable garden with some bricks. I helped to organise a container full of goods they use in the kitchen. It took a long time because the shelves were dirty so we took everything off the shelves, cleaned them, and put everything back in better order. It was tiring but in the end, it was worth doing it. They really needed help with that. After a quick break to eat some soup Matat made for us, I helped to fill the insect hotel with some wood sticks. At around five in the afternoon, we came back to the house to have dinner and get some rest.”

By Rodrigo


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.




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