“Today we had a flower workshop with the refugee ladies. It was a great moment for connecting with others while making some beautiful arrangements. The highlight of my day was talking to Madhat. He is such a beautiful and resilient soul. He lost his father and son in the war in Syria. His wife is alive but she is in Syria. He lost everything he had and he still smiles. He said he has two choices, to live in misery and depression or to go on and try to be happy. Madhat decides to be happy and to inspire others.“

By Arianny


“On our second day of work, we came back to Kariboo, the headquarters of Inspiratie Inc. While some of us worked building two sidewalks, some learned different techniques of flower arranging.

In the afternoon, we spoke with Thomas, a preacher from Burundi, one among the many refugees that seek asylum in Europe. He talked to us about his project for helping children and women (but not limited to) in his home country.

Back at the lodge, we had an African dinner, prepared with devotion and happiness by some of the women that help and are helped by Inspiratie Inc.”

By Freddy


“At night we had an African night at Kindervakantieland . The head cooks Susie, Vero, Susannah, and Youssou are from Cameron, Nigeria and Senegal and they prepared for us a real banquet. Everything was so delicious that I could not stop eating the whole night. It was a great night, full of good vibes, music, games, laughter and kindness. Thank you, awesome people!”

By Carla


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.




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