“I hate Saint Valentine's day... But Angie really loves it, and she was so cute preparing a surprise for all of us that’s even made me like this day. (just today).

This gave me the hope that it will be a great day, and it was true. I met Thomas in the refugee camp and I visited his home with Rodrigo and Gemma. There we met his flatmates. Yero was one of them, a rapper from Mauritania who was forced to leave the country because he makes songs against slavery and racism. I show him my friends who are rappers and the videos that I made for them and we decide to do a song together when he gets his papers. The rest of the day I spent with Thomas, creating his Facebook page: Vahveova.”

By Hugo


“Finally, we went to the refugee camp, where Thomas from Nairobi, who we met yesterday in Kariboo, lives.  After this Hugo, Rodrigo and I moved to another house, this time a smart young man from Iraq, Hussain told us his story, after 5 years here he couldn't obtain his papers, and on 1st March he will have his last chance; if is unsuccessful again, he can’t stay in the refugee camp anymore.

After lunch we had a workshop doing wool stuff, the result was beautiful.”

By Gemma


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.




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