Let the Journey Begin

For the last year, our team has been working hard on the World Life Experience Event.

Every single part of this process has been made with a lot of effort and love to give our 12 chosen ones the best experience ever.

We get to know our 12 participants by looking at their photos on our office walls, every day. Yesterday, we crossed paths after a lot of email exchanges and phone calls.

Yesterday, we met them in person and could not contain ourselves with the excitement, and find out how special they are.

This journey has begun, and you get to see where they are and what they are experiencing on our social media channels and here, on our website.

For next year, we wish them a lot of smiles, accomplishment, flexibility, patience, cooperation, happiness, new friendships, courage, inspiration and a lot of love.

We hope that this small gesture will inspire others to do the same.

Let the Journey Begin! For them who get to experience a whole lot of new things and for you on the other side of the screen.


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