“Today we had the best tour of the trip!!  Richard is originally from Amsterdam and it was a culture shock to meet him. He took us to different places in the city including a rehab center where he goes to get better. 

Richard use to be a thief, his mother was a prostitute in the red light district and his father was also a thief. When he was growing up his mother use to take him to work with him and he had to hide inside a box and come out to steal the man's money while he was having sexual intercourse with his mother. 

He was sexually abused by his brother and beaten up by his parents. Richard had one of the saddest life stories I have heard in my life.

He has a relationship with someone and he now has a daughter. Because of his daughter, he decided to stop doping and start a new life. 

He told us about sex slavery and all the horrendous things that still happen in Amsterdam and he asked the group to listen and try to learn from his experience. Richard emphasized the importance of love and respect to everyone we meet and I think that is absolutely incredible that someone with that background still believes in love.

We had a tour in the afternoon that was really nice and finished the day having dinner at the end of the world.”

By Arianny


“The morning experience was absolutely outstanding, in terms of the uniqueness and extraordinary. Guided tour with the man, whose record consists of a jail, drugs, and criminal. Kind of these stories is inspiring and scaring you at the same time. A marvelous day I have to say.”

By Artem


“This day was quite unique. We met Richard in the morning, an ex-addicted to drugs, who told us his hard story of life, son of a prostitute, addicted to drugs, spent 35 years in jail. He guided us through the red light district, took us to the union that protects the right of the prostitutes and trans people, and finally, we went to a controlled facility where you can use your drug in a controlled environment. We had lunch and took another tour in the afternoon in an old industrial area that has been kept for cultural purposes.”

By Rodrigo


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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