“We arrived in Croatia in the afternoon, which received us dyed white by the snow, then we were taken to what will be our new home for 5 days. A village 60 km from Zagreb called Novi Marof, where we had a warm welcome from adults and children.”

By Florencia


“The weather was really cold and the ground white, reminding me a perfect Christmas scenario. Dario came to take us to a small city in the mountains called Novi Marof. Dario is one of the members responsible for "Mladi Za Marof" the organization we are going to work with. Novi Marof will be our home for the next days and I am very excited and ready to live this new experience. In the afternoon Dario talked with us about the project and about how the WLE team can collaborate with them and make a great Impact in the community. Let the story begin!!”

By Carla


“Time is running rapidly. A month and a half passed. The fifth destination is ready to welcome as with the snow and frozen air. In the meantime, I guess that Croatian community is excited about meeting WLE team. I’m happy to be in Eastern Europe, it feels like home.  We moved to our new home for the next 10 days. In the first evening, adorable kids presented us their talents. They are proud to be Croatian.”

By Artem


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.



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