“Today we started with the NGO. It was a relaxing day getting to know people from the organization and getting to spend time with them. The organization works with teenagers and young adults promoting a healthy way of living, keeping them away from drugs and drinking. Our job is to talk to them and invite them to the organization. We are also decorating the space and making it more appealing for them to visit after school.

I am really interested in this organization because I believe it can make a big impact in the youth community in Novi Marof. I know it's not the world, but all the big movements started with one little step.”

By Arianny


“Our house is warm and cozy. The morning was frozen and snowy, though we had to walk around 10 minutes to the youth center. Dario, who plays the key role in the NGO’s, initiated interactive games to learn about each other better. The essential part, personally I consider of course was the Croatian cousin dinner. The dream of every brutal man-Kotlovina. That’s a mix of meat, sausages, potatoes and onions stewed for 2 hours. Dario is an incredible chef. “

By Artem


“The best of the day? They cooked for dinner a delicious typical meal that had meat, potatoes and a lot of love. Our second night in Croatia was super good because we shared a beautiful meal altogether. I'm feeling so glad to know that place, people remind me people from Argentina, so kind-hearted.”

By Florencia


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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