“Today was Amazing!! We painted the center for the youth center and my job was to paint the logo in the entrance. I was really excited to do it but I was even more excited to see the people from the organization happy to have a logo. While we were working, some of the members came straight from high school to spend time with us and their reaction was priceless. They were so happy to see it and they even brought us stuff they baked for us.

At night a few of us went to a bar to see what the nightlife is in the village and invited some people to come to the center. It was really fun.”

By Arianny


“Finally, we started working. The creator of the drawing I am working on is Freddy. Without him either it would be impossible to make drawings or they would be ugly. This kind of work pleases you with the colorful results very fast. Our work was pretty easy, just painting a European map and the NGOs logo. Gradually the walls stated turn into something lively and cheerful. I like the NGO goals and understand them, so it’s pleasure for me to be able to make some impact here.”

By Artem


“Every time I thought about painting, I convinced myself that it was bad doing it, and I'm sure it limits me to several other things. Now I see this logo painted and finished and I think that sometimes we convince ourselves that we cannot do things and after all, they are only personal limitations but with patience and a lot of love it is possible to achieve it.

(With this I do not say that I'm going to be a painter from now on, I'm just saying that we have to think less and let ourselves be carried more by what each one wants to do).”

By Florencia


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


Tags: Croatia

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