“I did the sketch for the map of Europe the day before and we did the calculations to paint it on the wall. Maybe it was the activity that I felt the team spirit the most: everybody helped the way they could. A collective effort was done to draw the squares so I could pass the drawing from the paper to the wall. The color chosen to paint the map was red in different tones, because of the colour in the NGOs logo. In the night they went with us to a local karaoke, so we could meet and talk with lots of locals. A busy day and a fun night.”

By Freddy


“The more colorful countries were appearing on the wall the more joyful mood we had. Music selected by Freddy made the painting process incredibly fun. The floor was cleaned and all the tools as well, so that was the right time to have dinner. We had an amazing pasta, but that broke Artem´s academy rules. Afterwards, a special amusement was prepared by the caring NGO staff for those who like to sing and for those who don’t. To be short, the night was cool, loud and long. One more experience for our piggy bank - Karaoke.”

By Artem


“How wonderful is to see the results of hard work? We started to work today morning, we really wanted to finish it. All of us are painting the Europe map on the wall, and Freddy not only was painting but also he was supervising everything. And suddenly, at the end of the day, we saw the wall and it was done. In front of the map was Katia painting on the wall, and in the bathroom was Gemma, doing beautiful things in the ceiling. Our Europe map, the bathroom and another wall painting by world life experience participants, by us, by the lucky 11. Great job, great teamwork, it's so re-comfortable to think that we can do extraordinary things all together

By Florencia


“We did a such a wonderful job on the walls of the organization! We painted the map of Europe and everybody is impressed. I really enjoy working with this person, Ivan, Klara, Tina, Bobek, Dario... All of them are wonderful persons and we enjoyed an in the karaoke the whole night.”

By Hugo


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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