“Because yesterday we came home quite late, today Dario gave us a free morning to sleep a bit more and recharge the energy. Therefore we all had a late breakfast and relaxed until noon. After having lunch we went to the youth center to finalize all the paintings on the wall and organize the space. After that, we had the privilege to participate in the organization's annual meeting and the election of the new president of Mladi za Marof. The majority voted for Jakov Sic. Jakov is a young man from Novi Marof but at the moment he is studying in Zagreb. Although he will not going to be able to be physically present in the organization everyday Jakov promised that he will work hard to help the organization to grow and he stated that he has already many ideas and projects for the organization. Good luck Jakov!”

By Carla


“In our last day in Novi Marof, we left our house near midday and went to the Youth Center to complete the wall. With only a few countries left to paint, we didn't take much time. At the end of the afternoon, we could testify the elections of the new leadership of the NGO. Yacov, one of the young members that have been hanging out with us, got elected, appointing Tina, Klara and Tom (all new friends of us) as his counsellors.”

By Freddy


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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