“After these wonderful days, despite the weather, I really leave this Fisher house with pity. However, we went to visit Varazdin, the biggest city on the area. There we did a really nice tour and later we visit another NGO who was really impressive about our job in Novi Marof. “Do you think that the edition of next year could you come here to Varazdin to help with our NGO as you did in Novi Marof?” they asked to me while drinking tea sitting outside in the snow with the sun in my face.”

By Hugo


“After some tea and coffee, we headed to the castle. A very lovely and romantic castle, 40km away from the city centre. We had a special tour inside the castle and later on we went for a walk by the cold and frozen lake and took some pictures.

At the end of the day, we left Varazdin and we were driving by the Mladi za Marof team to Zagreb. It was time to say goodbye once again. It is somehow quite nostalgic to say goodbye to them. We have been treated really well in Novi Marof and I will definitely miss each one of them. Thanks you very much for your hospitality guys and a massive thank you to Dario for being one the best host we had so far. Keep up with your work, you are doing great!! Hvala (thank you)!!”

By Carla


“We went to the Trakošćan castle, and my breath was completely taken away with the view of the frozen and snowed lake that surrounds the castle, with the forest around it and the beginning of the sunset. An amazing spectacle that rose my spirit even in the coldest weather.” 

By América


All photos were taken by Aermoo M1 cellphone.


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